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Your 'Right To Build'

Your right to build is the starting point for your dream home

The Right to Build policy has been in effect since 2016. Designed to help alleviate the housing crisis by enabling more people to build their own homes, the legislation requires all English councils to host a Right to Build register which anyone can sign up too. Concils then having a duty to "ermission| sufficient serviced plots to meet this demand.

Permsissioned plots mean that panning permission has been granted on serviced plots, what the roads and services are already in place and effectively read to build on.

Very few councils actively promote their registers and as of 2017, only 33,000 people had signed up. The more people who sign up will lead to more plots coming on the market. The first step for anyone thinking of building is to sign up to their local register via NaCSBA's right to build:


  • You can sign up to more than one register

  • You can sign up as an individual or part of a group

  • Councils can "charge" you to sign up!!!!

  • Councils can insist you have a local connection


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