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8 essential tips to add kerb appeal

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

1 - Any drive is only as good as the preparatory base or substrate, Whatever the chosen surfacing medium for the drive, the base soil must be dug out and a proper consolidated base of Type 1 laid. This is really important to prevent pot holes forming at a later date.

2- If the drive is to be in shingle or gravel then thought needs to be given to the edging, which can be concrete or timber to stop the gravel migrating onto your lawn.

3 - Should the drive join a tarmac bellmouth (the area adjoining the road or street) then 1m wide rumble strips are a good idea to prevent the stones being carried away.

4 - Paviour drives are laid on sharp sand blinding, hardcore or Type 1 and grouted with kiln dried sand.

5 - Tarmac drives need some sort of edging in either timber, concrete or paviours. The Type 1 base must be blinded with sharp sand and sprayed with week killer before the tarmac is laid.

6 - Drives surfaced with bonded resin and shingle can look great when new but check that the product is porous. They can also scuff badly if there is a busy turning circle on the drive.

7 -Most local authorities require that the bellmouth is surfaced in tarmac. Planning regs also require that no surface water should be allowed to flow onto the road and that there should be some form of drainage or soak away to stop flooding onto the road.

8 - Any works to or below the road MUST be carried out by an approved contractor and works to the drive and paths within the site can be carried out by your normal contractor.


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