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  • Lisa Gardener

The New Build: Part 3

Now the concrete is set, it's time to start stacking the bricks!

With the concrete slab finished, the team started working on the basement walls. We also had scaffolding put up for safe and easy access.

Tips for building a brick wall

1. Determine how many bricks you will need for your project, don't forget to account for mortar. Before you do anything, you will need to measure the area you need.

2. Order your bricks

3. Prepare your foundation.

4. Mark your guideposts. Once you have your foundation, you need to set up gauging rods to ensure your brickwork is consistently level.

5. Mix your mortar. The mortar should slip easily from your shovel, although the mixture should be firm enough to hold its shape.

6. Lay your first brick. Place mortar on the foundation and make a "v" shape along the mortar with your trowel. Creating a "v" shaped trench spreads the mortar out and makes it easier to lay the course. Place the brick in the mortar and press it firmly into place, taking care to make it level. Grab the next brick and add mortar to the short edge before placing it down hard up against the first brick. Tap it into place and remove any excess mortar with your trowel.

7. Make sure your string line is set up for this row to know the height you need to achieve. Bricks should always be staggered to provide added strength and support. However, a staggered wall means you may need to cut a brick in half!

Grab your brick and tap Irmly in the middle with the pointed end of your hammer. If you do this correctly, your brick should break in half.

8. Repeat the process to build your brick wall.

9. Finishing your wall. Once you have reached the final height, it's time to add the finishing touches. Once you have all bricks in place, do a quick spot check and patch any gaps with mortar along the wall using the trowel. Go over the brick wall using a soft brush to remove any excess mortar before it dries. Go over the brick wall using a soft brush to remove any excess mortar before it dries.


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