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New Build Checklist - Part 3


  • Continue building superstructure to wallplate

  • Third/fourth lift of scaffolding required

  • Wall plate to be scarfed, bedded and tied down with proprietary wallplate straps

  • Carpenters to build end trusses as templates

  • Build up gable ends and chimney

  • Additional lifts of scaffold required at gable ends

  • Plumber to fit lead flashings, trays and skirts to chimney

  • Plumber to install vent pipes and flashing skirts

  • Bricklayers to top out and fit chimney pot

  • Bricklayers to point chimney flashings

  • Carpenters to sling roof trusses and fix to wallplate

  • All binders and bracing to be fixed at node points

  • Layboards to be fixed to valleys

  • Dormers to be constructed

  • Fascia and offie to be fixed with ventilation grilles or strips

  • Any roof tanks installed at this point


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