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New Build Checklist - Part 2

Updated: Dec 17, 2018


  • Ground worker to dig trenches and lay pipes to stopcock

  • Load out concrete beams to each bay and position

  • Install drainage and vent pipes proud of the oversite

  • Infill floor beams with blocks

  • Lay coursing blocks and position ventilator grilles

  • Brush grout

  • Arrange for building control to inspect

  • Bricklayers commence building of superstructure

  • Install templates for future windows and doors

  • First lift of scaffolding

  • Install and bed lintels

  • Install flue liner if necessary

  • Build in meters boxes for gas and electricity

  • Electrician to install temporary consumer unit

  • Plumber to reroute water to stopcock

  • Electricity supplier to install meter and connect

  • Second scaffold lift required

  • Crane to lift first floor beams onto each bay and position

  • Position plasterboard batten clips

  • Lay infill blocks

  • Brush grout


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