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  • Lisa Gardener

How to choose the colour of your window frames

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

There's so much to consider when choosing windows. You need to think about style, efficiency, functionality, durability, hardware and security - but something that you might not have considered is that the colour of the frames could make or break the finished look of your home. The right solution for your property is going to be largely dictated by the architectural style, but thinking outside the box could produce a wow factor result.

Popular hues

There are more shades available for your windows than you might think - and the material you're going for won't impact this, either, as you can achieve a range of colours with most options. Colour trends do vary, just like with interior design. People are now opting for creams, greys and greens over a wood effect finish on windows. We've also found that people are choosing colours with a modern feel, even on older properties.

When picking a colour or finish, be careful to consider the wider interior scheme, as well as the external palette. Do your research by looking at similar style properties and what windows have been installed - online search engines, architecture websites and social media are always a good starting point for inspiration.

Other considerations

Decide whether you want your windows to be a focal feature or more of a subtle complement to the surrounding elements. A bold colour will help with the former. Remember that the glass itself will look different at various points in the day; understanding this could impact on your frame choice.

You don't need to have the same colour frame on the inside as the outside. This means you can match the external profile with your cladding or traditional architectural style and have something complementing your contemporary decor on the inside, for instance. Having a darker hue inside tends to work well to frame views, whereas white frames help to reflect light around a space.

With various glazed door options now available for our homes, the boundaries between doors and windows is increasingly blurred, which means that your whole property's fenestration should work together aesthetically. Having the same finish across glazed doors and windows will offer continuity and help to make the front door a focal point, especially if you're going for something that's bound to make a statement.

Always see the product and your chosen finish in the flesh before buying, as colours tend to look different on a screen to how they do in real life. Your home's glazing is a big investment, so you want to make sure that it's 100% right before you place an order and part with your hard-earned cash. Visiting a company's showroom will provide a better understanding of the performance of the units you're buying, as well what the firm itself can offer, too.


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