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Fast and Accurate Quotes

At the end of the summer, we decided to make an investment into some new Estimating software which has made a significant difference to the speed in which we prepare quotes and the accuracy of the information contained within them.

We are always thinking about how we can improve our service to you, the customer, and we know that a project must come in on time and to budget. In order to achieve that, the information we provide in the quote needs to be precise. As you can imagine, medium to large building projects involve many changeable features and using modern software helps mitigate making rough calculations.

It is also helpful for you to see where your money is being spent and providing a payment schedule assists you with managing your finances. We are also introducing a new Handover process where you will meet our Contracts Manager on site to agree a final snagging list. This should address any concerns you may have before the final invoice is due and to ensure we are aware of them and have taken action. We have found that good will between both parties can be destroyed in the final weeks due to a lack of communication and we are going to work hard in 2019 to address this.

As with all new software upgrades, there are the inevitable teething problems which comprise:

  • internal staff learning a new methodology which can cause resistance

  • accepting the 80/20 rule and deciding which 20% is the most useful

  • inputting new data including all supplier prices - laborious and boring

  • cross referencing with the old method to make sure the first few quotes are errorless

  • finding the time for staff training online when everyone is busy

  • overcoming technical glitches

  • dealing with VERY SLOW broadband speeds!!!

However, we are really excited for the future and believe our reputation and experience will help us become a leading building company in the Kent, Surrey, Sussex area.


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