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Advantages of Replacing an Existing Home

Design freedom: A new home can be designed to reflect your individual needs and aspirations.

Increased value: Individual, well-designed, energy-efficient homes positioned within an established community are more desirable and therefore more valuable.

More space: Replacement dwellings benefit from planning policies, allowing significant increase in size and scale.

Lower energy bills: New homes built with high performance building systems are much more energy efficient.

Pay less tax: Community Infrastructure Levy liabilities only apply to the increased floor area and new builds benefit from zero rated VAT. Self-builders can claim exemption from CIL as well.

Easier to find: With an ageing housing stock, replacement plots are easier to find than Greenfield new build plots

Live in the open countryside: Often the only way to achieve a permission outside settlement boundaries.

Less risk: The principle of residential development is already established, so there is less planning risk.

Essential services: (water, gas, electric, telecoms, drainage) are readily available

Unexpected foundation problems: are less likely, as existing buildings display evidence of structural stability or instability

Access: Access arrangements are established


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